What are the Highest Paid Legal Jobs?

judgeIf you are thinking about enrolling in an Online College to study law, then it’s natural to wonder what the highest paid legal jobs are? Let’s face it, we all know that being involved in the legal profession commands a large salary, but what specific jobs should you be aiming for when you want to rake in a lot of cash? Let’s take a closer look…

Trial lawyer

As you might expect, a trial lawyer is one of the highest paid legal jobs in the world, with many of the top lawyers being millionaires after only a few years working on the job. For this reason, it’s not surprising to learn that competition in this area is fierce, and if you want to be successful you not only require a lot of determination, but also a natural flair for communication and understanding law.

You won’t start off with high profile cases though, as the vast majority of people begin at the bottom, earning a modest $100,000 a year to learn the ropes and see if being a trial lawyer is really the right choice.

Chief legal officer

The need for legal representation among large companies is huge these days, and that’s why many of the leading corporations hire an in-house chief legal officer to oversee everything. This is a tough job though, and requires a good understanding of all aspects of law in order to get the position.

However, it is very well compensated, especially if you become a chief legal officer of a multi-million, or even multi-billion dollar company. Expect to receive a 7 figure salary, as well as many perks such as performance bonuses, stock in the company, and a dedicated team.


Another high paid legal job is that of judge, where you are required to attend court and preside over proceedings, and then ultimately deliver the verdict of a jury. While the salary of a judge does vary depending on what type of court you work for, it’s good to know that the top earners in this profession earn on average around $250,000 a year.

You shouldn’t just focus on the salary, as many judges get excellent additions to their base pay, such as expense accounts, excellent retirement plans and numerous other benefits to make the job attractive.


Now that you know the highest paid legal jobs, you must realize that it means nothing if you don’t get a law degree. That should be your main focus right now, and then you can start looking at earning a lot of money once qualified.