Most People Make These Car Maintenance Mistakes

mechanicIt can happen to anyone. One minute your car is driving nicely with no problems and then…nothing. It won’t start and you have to catch the bus to work. You take it into your local garage and get the bad news…it’s going to cost $5000 to fix. Could this have been avoided you wonder?

Actually, yes it could, and it all starts with looking after the car properly on a regular basis so you are not left with a huge repair bill. Unfortunately most people make huge car maintenance mistakes, which means they are putting their car at risk unnecessarily Keep reading to learn what mistakes you could be making.

Not paying attention to the “check engine” light

The most common mistake is ignoring the light on your dashboard that tells you to check the engine. Most people assume that because the car is still running normally there isn’t a huge problem, and so they keep on putting it off until it’s too late. Once that “check engine” light comes on either get looking in the engine or take it to a mechanic.

Not getting your car serviced on a regular basis

Let’s imagine that you own a Porsche in Orange County…are you going to keep on driving it for years without taking the car to be serviced? Of course you won’t. Instead, you’ll take it to a Porsche service Orange County garage and make sure the car is kept running smoothly so you can keep on enjoying it. It doesn’t matter kind of car you own, getting it serviced on a regular basis is crucial.

Not checking tire pressure

There are many reasons why you should be checking the tire pressure on a weekly basis…although the vast majority of people don’t.

Firstly, having the correct tire pressure helps with fuel economy, which ultimately saves you money. Secondly, it helps to keep you safe, especially when driving in wet conditions. Lastly, if you get pulled over by the Police and your tire pressure is not correct then you can expect to be fined, and even have your car taken away from you. Needless to say, it’s important to check the tire pressure every week.

Not inspecting your brakes

It goes without saying that having your brakes working at 100% is crucial for your safety and the safety of everybody else, so why do the vast majority of drivers not inspect their brakes on a regular basis? They really should.

Not only that, but if you hear any kind of noises coming from your brakes then you must take your car to a garage as soon as possible.