Car Cleaning to Retain Your Car’s Value– 6 Simple Tips

cleaning carOne task that a lot of people don’t like is cleaning their car. It’s something that must be done though, unless you are happy driving round in a car that turns heads for all the wrong reasons.

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend hours at the weekend cleaning the inside and outside of your car. Make the task more simple with the 6 tips below.

Stop it getting that dirty

The first car cleaning tip is to do your best to stop it getting that dirty in the first place. An easy way to achieve this is by using a carport so the weather is kept at bay and your car is well covered.

Clean out your car every few days

Never allow trash to build up in your car as it then becomes a huge job. Instead, make it a thing to clean out your car every few days, making sure to get rid of fast food wrappers and newspapers. Give the interior a quick clean with a handheld vacuum cleaner and then change the car freshener for a nicer smell.

Use car mats

Make sure you have plenty of car mats on the floor as these help to collect dirt and debris, meaning all you have to do is give the mats a good shake out every week to keep the floors clean.

Keep a bag in the trunk

It’s often easy to start chucking stuff in the trunk of your car, but this quickly leads to it becoming cluttered and messy. That’s why keeping a bag to put stuff in is a good idea, as you can then easily remove the bag and sort through everything you have put there.

Soap and water

The best way to clean the exterior of your car is with soap and water, applied with a good quality sponge. Give it a good scrub and then use the hose on the car to rinse everything off. You can then dry the car with a lint free towel before adding a coat of wax fro protection. Don’t make it any more complicated than this.

Appearance of the tires

If you want the tires of your car to have a nice shine then consider using a good quality tire spray after you have finished all the other cleaning duties. Leave the spray on for a few minutes and the wipe it off.

The final word

By following the tips above you won’t ever need to spend more than an hour or two every few weeks on cleaning your car. You could also just take it to the car wash.